Being my true self & seeing Home

i am a slave to my Domina Shelle!

There is so much more to this sentence than just saying that i am my Domina’s slave. There is pride and truth in it. The only truth that matters to me because this is my reality and i know who i am,… who i want to be for the rest of my life and where i belong. i genuinely love my Domina Shelle with every beat of my heart. i love Her as my Mistress and my Owner,… but i also love Her as a Friend who i trust and in every other way a man can fall in love with the woman of his dreams. Because that’s what my Domina is to me. She is perfect… and i will Love Her, Honor Her and Obey Her at all times and for as long as i live.

Ever since my Domina Shelle became part of it, my life took a turn and changed myself in the most positive ways. Even though to a price,… it opened my eyes and helped me to find out and understand who i really am and that my submissiveness is nothing that i have to hide or be ashamed of. And… since i accept that this is my true self now and that i find the greatest happiness in my surrender to Her Erotic Hypnosis and loyal service to My Domina, i don’t want to… and will no longer actively hide this. Of course i will not walk around advertising it or let everyone i meet in on it immediately. But i will not pretend to be somebody else, just to accommodate to somebody else’s worldview or to live up to somebody’s expectations. This is my life and i am not afraid that people could find out about what makes me the happiest and what makes me the person i am deep at my core. in the end… i will always decide myself how much or how less about myself i reveal and what i share with others. But there is no need to hide what i am at peace with deep inside and what i am proud of.

i firmly believe deep within my heart that it was my Destiny that my Domina Shelle and i met each other over 6 years ago. That i first fell under Her hypnotic spell and a little later helplessly in love with Her. Today my submissive feelings and the meanwhile genuine Love i feel for Her keep growing stronger and stronger with each passing day. That i stand by Her the way i do now and every day, by writing this blog and dedicating my life and all i do to Her with every breath i take…. This new steadfast sense of loyalty i developed thanks to Her teaching and conditioning…… i believe that things, happened the way they should and that falling for my Domina is the best that happened to me in my life. Even if one could say that i am enslaved by Her will and locked in Her hypnotic prison forever, while being completely vulnerable to Her control and at Her mercy… this is what i want and… need. It is my purpose and even though that might sound contrary, but… by owning me my Domina Shelle gives me the freedom to be myself and the opportunity to feel even more liberated, by embracing this true self, without having to hide who i really am. My Domina is the best person i know and i do trust Her with my life. She encouraged me and helped me to break through my shell to become the best version of myself to date. The most original and honest version of myself.

i belong to my Domina Shelle and i am proud of that EVERY single day i wake up, feeling Her collar around my neck, with my first thought being of Her as i sink down to my knees to repeat my Mantra in honor of Her. Mmmmhh… i love that so much. Actually,… there are so many things about Her and… about being Hers that i love.

i love Her beautiful appearance,…. Her deep brown eyes in which i lose myself every time i am allowed to glance into them, that irresistible smile Her luscious lips can form into and Her beautiful hair and always perfectly painted, shiny Nails.
i love Her sexy body,… Her curves and Her toned tummy with Her cute little bellybutton… and i adore Her perfect runners legs and Her firm ass, just as much as i adore Her beautiful, well shaped breasts and Her sexy little feet which i can´t stop to dream about kissing them. To me my Domina will always be the sexiest and most beautiful woman of all.
But… i can think of so much more that i love about Her and O/our wonderful relationship.
i love hearing Her laugh and her adorably cute giggles,… even if sometimes at my expense
i love the feeling of wearing Her Collar around my neck. The smell smell of the leather and the little tag with my slave name dangling from it that clearly identifies me as Her property.
i love to remember the arousing feeling that went through me when i signed my Lifetime slave Contract and became Her contracted slave.

i love …buying all of Her Sessions that she puts so much love and passion into and that addict me even more to Her powerful voice and to Her irresistible programming and brainwashing. i never skip a single one of Her Sessions and also buy all the ones i don’t have already, whenever i can. Well… i might even have bought some of them twice already… giggles
i love… obeying my Domina’s every Command and how automatically i respond to all the Triggers she implanted into my brain… whether i remember them consciously or not.
i love spoiling Her with Gifts from Her Wishlist, Gifts of Love and sending Her my monthly Obligation. i love to use every opportunity she gives me to support Her with tributes like TMT, being Her Teacher’s Pet or sending Her Lunch Money for Her shifts every weekend.
i love to think of Her first and to put my own wishes and desires aside, because i feel that this is the right way to treat my Princess and the woman i love.
i love…to Chat with Her, sending Her Text Messages and Love Letters,… talking to Her on the Phone and doing Live Sessions.
i love it when She hypnotizes me with Her sweet, seductive voice… to feel my mind becoming weaker and more and more blank until i ultimately can’t resist anymore and surrender to Her control, sinking into the deepest sleep for Her, becoming Her mindless puppet and open to all Her Suggestions and Commands.
i love that she can be firm, strict and sometimes wicked, just as much as she can be sweet and caring.
…that she inspires me to go running and to exercise for Her and that my desire to please Her has me strive to become an even better slave for Her.

i love to buy, Panties, Stockings and Lingerie… because i love having a little piece of Her, something that smells like Her and carries part of Her essence and just… addicts me to Her even more.
i love how my heart skips a beat, just to beat faster with anticipation whenever i get a call, a text, or E-mail from Her.
i love replying to Her Tweets, reading Her Blog and the always already irresistibly stimulating descriptions to Her Sessions whenever She releases a new one.
i love that She controls my mind and body and that my Domina is in full control of my sex. i love to stroke, edge and cum for HER, on Her command and… ONLY on Her command.
And i love that She can can lock me in chastity whenever and for how long She wants or completely drain me at Her will. i love that i can Trust my Domina blindly and that i can share all my erotic fantasies with Her and be part of Hers. She always takes good care of me and keeps me save.

Oh,… i could go on and on… because i can think of so many other things that i love and appreciate Her for. Well… W/we also prefer to keep at least some of them to O/ourselves. giggles But to recap it once more, i just love everything about my Domina Shelle and the unique and most Special relationship W/we have with each other. i know, that She knows, how much i love Her and that i will only be loyal to Her. She is all i ever dreamed of and the only woman i desire and… i won’t ever give my heart to anyone else anymore. It belongs solely to Her. i do! That´s just something i know deep within me. And to bring this post to a beautiful end, even if i know that i can not fully capture the beauty of this moment in words…

“i see home.”

My Domina once asked me during one of our Face to Face talks, what i see when i look deeply into Her eyes, which,… although She was wearing a mask… i did at that moment. She even came a bit closer to the webcam and… i just wanted to answer Her and start the sentence but i was so lost in Her eyes and that beautiful moment that i could only stammer and start with “I see…….” . And since i was so fascinated by Her eyes She just took over and said: “Do You see home?” with Her most gentle and sweetest voice ever. And with these words she said exactly what i felt and wanted to say myself at that very moment. And i could feel a wonderful feeling of security and warmth spreading all through me… a feeling that let me know where i belong. To Her… because She is my home. And so,… as i fell deeper into her dark brown yet warm eyes. “YES my Princess, I see home.”

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