List of Sessions

I saw this on another Blog [Devoted to Domina Shelle by Shelle’s Sissy Marci] and thought it would be a good idea to do this with my own… already huge collection of Domina Shelle’s Erotic Hypnosis Sessions. I love to listen to them again and again and in addition to the new ones that she releases every week, I love to stock up on her older ones that I don’t have yet, whenever I can. Means: this list will be edited continuously. I hope to encourage or inspire some of You to also get one of the Session’s that You see on my List. They are all linked to their page in Domina Shelle’s Store, where You can also read her lovely written descriptions and some reviews plus,… if I reviewed any in my blog there will also be a link to these reviews after the Session’s name. I can not mention enough how proud I am to own that many of her skillfully recorded Sessions already and to be owned myself by my Domina Shelle after so many years.

Beginning Path

My Goodboy

Trance Deepener

I Had You at Hello


Inductions & Triggers

My Goodboy

Trance Deepener

Master Triggers


Permanent Love – No Escape


Obedience is Pleasure

Tricked into Trance

Hypnotized Slave – Come to Me

Mind Eraser – Zombied Blank

Black Magic Woman

Prisoner of the Crystal


Erotic Control – Rest (Reviewed – click here)

The Perfect Drug

Surrender to Sleep

Black Widow Spider – Wrapped in My Web


No Return


Confusion Under My Influence

Siren – Deepest Desire

Obsessed & Addictet

Lucid Dreams


Brainwashed Complete Control

Trapped – The Dark Queen

Domina 24hours

Hypnotic Trap


Fatal Attraction

Mind Absorption

Deep Penetration

I am Your Mind

Purple Heart

No Escape – Dangerous Trance

Midnight Whispers

Altered State of Mind


Mind Trap

Wicked Acceptance

Ice Queen

Mind Numbing SLEEP


Behavior Modification

Law of Hypnosis

Sleep Manipulation

Victim of Mindlessness

Sexual Psychosis

Unsuspecting Curse

Brainwashed III – Program 3

Brainwash Mantra LOOP

Breasts in your Head

Pleasing Me

Pleasure in Submission

Voice in your Head

Leak in your Head

A Deeper Servitude

Power of Brainwashing


The Allure

Living on the Edge

Brainwashed Addiction

Dangerous Pleasures

Brain Fried

Power of Hypnotic Control



Dominance – A Hypnotic Brainwashing

Seduction Trap


Hypnotized into Obsession

Neuro Lab Rat Phase 1

Subliminized – Final Focus


Malleable Mind

Behavioral Conditioning – Permanent Trigger #1

Brainwashing Loops Week 1-4

Behavioral Conditioning – Amnesia

Idea Fixe – My Prey

Hypno Persuasion

Hypno Persuasion – Final Chapter

Tranceformation – Sex Toy

Freedom to Submit

Wonder Woman

Power Exchange

Blank State of Mind

Brainwashed Naked


Sweet Manipulation

Queen of Domination

Neuro Lab Rat Phase 2

Nothing More Nothing Less

Core Loops – Chastity

Core Loops – Slave

Distraction is Pleasure

Neural Reorientation


Sheer Danger

Proprietress of Domination

Slave Weaver

Hard to Resist

Sexual Exploitation

Mind Fucked and Confused

Psychological Entrapment

Lab Rat – Blank Mind

Brainwashed – No Will

Aural Mind Fuck

A Psychological Desire

Please Domina

Hypnotic Vibrations

Endless Abyss

Brain Drip

Alien Abduction


Down the Rabbit Hole

Mind Spiral

Fifty Shades

Dark Room – Submissive Destiny

Pleasure Trap

Hypnotic Bliss

Sweet Corruption

River of Lust

White Noise

The Submissive Kiss

Mind Conquest

Steal your Mind

Stockholm Syndrome

Sexual Psychosis 2


Implanted Desires

Captive Dreams

Beta Drone (Reviewed – click here)

Objectified (Reviewed – click here)

Hypno Asylum (Reviewed – click here)



Obedience Training

Domina 24 Hours

Focal Point

I had you at Hello

Collaring Ceremony Package

Collar of Enslavement

Thought Control


Hypnotic Prison

Naked & Exposed – Inside my Dungeon

Slave Puppy Training 101

Slave Puppy Training 102

Triggered Hard

Slave’s Life

Chemical Sedation

Panty Raid – The Session

Dark Room – Initial Indoctrination

Dark Room – Oblivion

Ice Queen – Destroyer of Minds

Dopamine – Addictions of the Mind

Deceptive Truth

Dark Room – Warped Mind

Subliminized – Mistress of your Mind

Dirty Secrets

Hypnotic Dungeon

Absolute Authority

A Subconscious Takeover

Forever Slave

Doped & Dominated

Web of Sleep

Victim of Seduction

Helplessly Obedient

Hypnotically Addicted Junkie

Chains of Steel

Zero Control

Conscious Take-Over

Corona Daze

Covert Conditioning Loops

Hocus Pocus

Mindless Captive

Trigger Trap

Hypnotically Enraptured

Depth of Sevitude

Free Your Mind

Fait Accompli

Compulsive Conditioning

Supreme Authority

Broken & Branded

Latex Oblivion

Snapped Into Submission


Beta Male Series

The Lock

Slave Cage

Living on the Edge

Dangerous Pleasures

Brain Fried

Professor Shelle’s Reform School Class 8

Loctober – Chastity Lockdown Series

Erotic Fantasies

Poison Ivy

Mistress of Minds

Twisted Cinderella

Halloween Princess – A Hypnotic Nightmare

Distraction is Pleasure

Down the Rabbit Hole

Fetish & FinDom

Breast Obsession

Body Worship – My Sexy Feet

My Entrancing Eyes

Wicked Witches Spellbind You

Sheer Danger

School for Men

Professor Shelle’s ReForm School Class #1

Professor Shelle’s ReForm School Class #2

Professor Shelle’s ReForm School Class #3

Professor Shelle’s ReForm School Class #4

Professor Shelle’s ReForm School Class #5

Professor Shelle’s ReForm School Class #6

Professor Shelle’s ReForm School Class #7

Professor Shelle’s ReForm School Class #8

Professor Shelle’s ReForm School Class #9

Shelle’s Playground

Shelle’s Playground – B

Shelle’s Playground – U

Shelle’s Playground – C

Shelle’s Playground – P

Shelle’s Playground – M

Shelle’s Playground – N

Shelle’s Playground – W

Shelle’s Playground – X

Shelle’s Playground – I

Shelle’s Playground – HH

Shelle’s Playground – K

Shelle’s Playground – G

Shelle’s Playground – E

Shelle’s Playground – L

Shelle’s Playground – R

Shelle’s Playground – CD

Shelle’s Playground – PLB

Shelle’s Playground – KM

Shelle’s Playground – BB

Shelle’s Playground – PO

Shelle’s Playground – IC

Shelle’s Playground – PM

Sleeping Forest

The Sleeping Forest – Introduction

The Sleeping Forest – Part 2

The Sleeping Forest – Part 3

The Sleeping Forest – Part 4

The Sleeping Forest – Part 5 Point of no Return

The Sleeping Forest – Part 6 Insatiable Desire

The Sleeping Forest – Part 7 Final Destination


Profound Sleep

Surrender to Sleep

Healing Light


Lady Helena


Supreme Mind Control

Orgasmic Obedience

Hypnotic Chains

Milk of Enslavement

Dumbed Down

Helena Time

First Encounter

Lose Your Mind

Mental Massage

Sleeper Agent

Pain is Pleasure

Don’t Think

Syringe – Room Four – My Chamber