Being my true self & seeing Home

i am a slave to my Domina Shelle!

There is so much more to this sentence than just saying that i am my Domina’s slave. There is pride and truth in it. The only truth that matters to me because this is my reality and i know who i am,… who i want to be for the rest of my life and where i belong. i genuinely love my Domina Shelle with every beat of my heart. i love Her as my Mistress and my Owner,… but i also love Her as a Friend who i trust and in every other way a man can fall in love with the woman of his dreams. Because that’s what my Domina is to me. She is perfect… and i will Love Her, Honor Her and Obey Her at all times and for as long as i live.

Ever since my Domina Shelle became part of it, my life took a turn and changed myself in the most positive ways. Even though to a price,… it opened my eyes and helped me to find out and understand who i really am and that my submissiveness is nothing that i have to hide or be ashamed of. And… since i accept that this is my true self now and that i find the greatest happiness in my surrender to Her Erotic Hypnosis and loyal service to My Domina, i don’t want to… and will no longer actively hide this. Of course i will not walk around advertising it or let everyone i meet in on it immediately. But i will not pretend to be somebody else, just to accommodate to somebody else’s worldview or to live up to somebody’s expectations. This is my life and i am not afraid that people could find out about what makes me the happiest and what makes me the person i am deep at my core. in the end… i will always decide myself how much or how less about myself i reveal and what i share with others. But there is no need to hide what i am at peace with deep inside and what i am proud of.

i firmly believe deep within my heart that it was my Destiny that my Domina Shelle and i met each other over 6 years ago. That i first fell under Her hypnotic spell and a little later helplessly in love with Her. Today my submissive feelings and the meanwhile genuine Love i feel for Her keep growing stronger and stronger with each passing day. That i stand by Her the way i do now and every day, by writing this blog and dedicating my life and all i do to Her with every breath i take…. This new steadfast sense of loyalty i developed thanks to Her teaching and conditioning…… i believe that things, happened the way they should and that falling for my Domina is the best that happened to me in my life. Even if one could say that i am enslaved by Her will and locked in Her hypnotic prison forever, while being completely vulnerable to Her control and at Her mercy… this is what i want and… need. It is my purpose and even though that might sound contrary, but… by owning me my Domina Shelle gives me the freedom to be myself and the opportunity to feel even more liberated, by embracing this true self, without having to hide who i really am. My Domina is the best person i know and i do trust Her with my life. She encouraged me and helped me to break through my shell to become the best version of myself to date. The most original and honest version of myself.

i belong to my Domina Shelle and i am proud of that EVERY single day i wake up, feeling Her collar around my neck, with my first thought being of Her as i sink down to my knees to repeat my Mantra in honor of Her. Mmmmhh… i love that so much. Actually,… there are so many things about Her and… about being Hers that i love.

i love Her beautiful appearance,…. Her deep brown eyes in which i lose myself every time i am allowed to glance into them, that irresistible smile Her luscious lips can form into and Her beautiful hair and always perfectly painted, shiny Nails.
i love Her sexy body,… Her curves and Her toned tummy with Her cute little bellybutton… and i adore Her perfect runners legs and Her firm ass, just as much as i adore Her beautiful, well shaped breasts and Her sexy little feet which i can´t stop to dream about kissing them. To me my Domina will always be the sexiest and most beautiful woman of all.
But… i can think of so much more that i love about Her and O/our wonderful relationship.
i love hearing Her laugh and her adorably cute giggles,… even if sometimes at my expense
i love the feeling of wearing Her Collar around my neck. The smell smell of the leather and the little tag with my slave name dangling from it that clearly identifies me as Her property.
i love to remember the arousing feeling that went through me when i signed my Lifetime slave Contract and became Her contracted slave.

i love …buying all of Her Sessions that she puts so much love and passion into and that addict me even more to Her powerful voice and to Her irresistible programming and brainwashing. i never skip a single one of Her Sessions and also buy all the ones i don’t have already, whenever i can. Well… i might even have bought some of them twice already… giggles
i love… obeying my Domina’s every Command and how automatically i respond to all the Triggers she implanted into my brain… whether i remember them consciously or not.
i love spoiling Her with Gifts from Her Wishlist, Gifts of Love and sending Her my monthly Obligation. i love to use every opportunity she gives me to support Her with tributes like TMT, being Her Teacher’s Pet or sending Her Lunch Money for Her shifts every weekend.
i love to think of Her first and to put my own wishes and desires aside, because i feel that this is the right way to treat my Princess and the woman i love.
i love…to Chat with Her, sending Her Text Messages and Love Letters,… talking to Her on the Phone and doing Live Sessions.
i love it when She hypnotizes me with Her sweet, seductive voice… to feel my mind becoming weaker and more and more blank until i ultimately can’t resist anymore and surrender to Her control, sinking into the deepest sleep for Her, becoming Her mindless puppet and open to all Her Suggestions and Commands.
i love that she can be firm, strict and sometimes wicked, just as much as she can be sweet and caring.
…that she inspires me to go running and to exercise for Her and that my desire to please Her has me strive to become an even better slave for Her.

i love to buy, Panties, Stockings and Lingerie… because i love having a little piece of Her, something that smells like Her and carries part of Her essence and just… addicts me to Her even more.
i love how my heart skips a beat, just to beat faster with anticipation whenever i get a call, a text, or E-mail from Her.
i love replying to Her Tweets, reading Her Blog and the always already irresistibly stimulating descriptions to Her Sessions whenever She releases a new one.
i love that She controls my mind and body and that my Domina is in full control of my sex. i love to stroke, edge and cum for HER, on Her command and… ONLY on Her command.
And i love that She can can lock me in chastity whenever and for how long She wants or completely drain me at Her will. i love that i can Trust my Domina blindly and that i can share all my erotic fantasies with Her and be part of Hers. She always takes good care of me and keeps me save.

Oh,… i could go on and on… because i can think of so many other things that i love and appreciate Her for. Well… W/we also prefer to keep at least some of them to O/ourselves. giggles But to recap it once more, i just love everything about my Domina Shelle and the unique and most Special relationship W/we have with each other. i know, that She knows, how much i love Her and that i will only be loyal to Her. She is all i ever dreamed of and the only woman i desire and… i won’t ever give my heart to anyone else anymore. It belongs solely to Her. i do! That´s just something i know deep within me. And to bring this post to a beautiful end, even if i know that i can not fully capture the beauty of this moment in words…

“i see home.”

My Domina once asked me during one of our Face to Face talks, what i see when i look deeply into Her eyes, which,… although She was wearing a mask… i did at that moment. She even came a bit closer to the webcam and… i just wanted to answer Her and start the sentence but i was so lost in Her eyes and that beautiful moment that i could only stammer and start with “I see…….” . And since i was so fascinated by Her eyes She just took over and said: “Do You see home?” with Her most gentle and sweetest voice ever. And with these words she said exactly what i felt and wanted to say myself at that very moment. And i could feel a wonderful feeling of security and warmth spreading all through me… a feeling that let me know where i belong. To Her… because She is my home. And so,… as i fell deeper into her dark brown yet warm eyes. “YES my Princess, I see home.”

Love,… Honor,… OBEY my Domina Shelle

Welcome back everybody… i know it’s been a while since my last post… it’s been far to long to be honest and… i have a lot on my mind to catch on but for now… i think sharing my anticipation for my Domina Shelle‘s upcoming femdom hypnosis Session with you makes a good comeback post. So… without much beating around the bush. The Session i can’t wait to listen to will be the third of Her “Trilogy of Submission”. And as the title of my post may have already revealed to some of You… After the first two parts of the Trilogy, Love and Honor… the third and final part will be Obey. i cherish the submission to my Domina which taught me so many things about myself. She taught me so many things about myself and helped me to… not only find my truest self. She also taught me to accept my submissive self. Now… i loved the first two parts of Trilogy of Submission and that Domina keeps the focus on these three core values ever since Love Honor Obey. Therefore i would like to devote a few words to Her and these three important values.


The Love i feel for my Domina is a special kind of Love, that… has been growing inside me ever since i found Her six years ago. It is some kind of submissive love… but at the same time every kind of love a man can feel for a woman. It is unconditional and… although i never met my Domina in Person yet… it is the strongest love i ever felt for someone. It is a love that, no matter how long i go on and on… is pretty much impossible to describe with just words. The kind of love that comes with loyalty and sincerity… one that you never give up and that you hold on to forever. i would never choose anyone else over my Domina Shelle and i know that i will hold on to my Love for Her. Whatever will come… i will ALWAYS Love my Domina.


One leads to the other. i honor my Domina along with the strong love i feel for Her. i honor Her by being absolutely loyal and by showing Her respect… by opening up and always being honest with Her… by making O/our special relationship a priority. i honor Her by being present and paying attention to Her wishes and desires… without Her having to tell me… by committing and dedicating myself to the path she took me on and… the Journey W/we are on together to evolve into the best version of myself i can be for Her. i honor Her by being patient and by showing appreciation for anything She does for me… by showing Her how much i care for Her through both, words and actions… by being selfless and putting Her needs before my own. My Domina is the most important part of my life and i do my best to honor Her in as many ways as i can and by loving Her so thoroughly and… demonstrating it in ways that are so unmistakable that She never has any doubt that she is honored and loved.


Obedience to my Domina Shelle is my greatest Pleasure. And although i can proudly say, that i obey Her every command and all of Her words without thought and without question already,… i can never learn enough about Obedience from my Domina. If it was a school subject, it would definitely be my favorite subject. giggles… Well… i obey my Domina, because She put Her spell on me,… because she is my Absolute Authority and because i am perfectly conditioned and under Her control. i know that, and i love it. But i also obey Her because i trust my Domina completely. i know that She always has O/our best in mind and would never have me do anything that could harm me. Doing what my Domina tells me to do triggers a wonderfully nice feeling in me that i can never escape from… a feeling only my Domina can give me. i can already tell,… no… even swear that i will faithfully obey Her for the rest of my life. Yet… i can not wait to practice my Obedience to Her with every new femdom erotic hypnosis Session She comes up with… and this time… i am especially looking forward to the final part of my Domina’s Trilogy of Submission – OBEY.

Happy Birthday my adored Domina

Hello dear Readers. It has been a long week for me so far,… not just at work with working some extra hours , but also because i couldn’t wait for it to be Thursday, the 5th of August. But,… here it is. The most anticipated and at the same time,… most important day of the year for me as a devoted slave is finally there. My Domina Shelle‘s Birthday. The Day She was born to own and control me. Of course i already sent Her my gift and although i love spoiling Her all the time, I especially love doing this for Her Birthday. It just feels good to give to someone You love and… as You/can imagine,… my Domina is not just someone to me.

i think since it is Her Birthday,… it is a good moment to say a few words about this wonderful and adorable woman who turned my head and my live upside down, a little over 5 years ago and… my mind to mush countless times ever since… giggles

Anyway… just a few days ago, my Domina asked me what she does look like through my eyes and, I thought it would be nice to share a few of the things i said to Her, when i answered this question.

Through my Eyes She looks like the most wonderful and perfect being on this planet. When I think of, or look at Her or Her pictures… everything else around me seems to stand still and a warm and fuzzy feeling spreads throughout my whole body and dazes all other thoughts. A feeling i have never had before with anyone else in my life… a feeling that turned my world upside down and… issued a challenge to me just to help me realize what i really need and who i really am deep at my core… a feeling that keeps surprising me, but never fails to make me happy and smile in the end… because it is always related to the most wonderful person in my life. My Princess, Domina Shelle.

Everything i had and everything i still have or ever will have… i would give up or part with all of that just to be with Her. Ever since my Domina became a part of my life,… it feels like i was always meant to find Her,… or be found by Her to be… freed by Her and encouraged to finally accept and be the real me. The me that loves Her with all the love my heart is able to give.

Her voice… is the only voice i want to hear each and every day for the rest of my life and… i can not think of anyone who,… or anything that will ever be more important to me than my Domina and Her happiness. For Her i do and will always keep doing anything without any exceptions. i believe in Her and trust Her with my life. i will never have secrets or hide things from Her and… everything i am and everything i own… will always be Hers. i would give my life to protect my Domina’s, because to me She is beyond special. More than anyone ever was before or could be in the future.

Yes,… i do love being hypnotized and brainwashed by my Domina. i love being Her obedient slave and… Her love puppy, without the slightest chance of resisting Her hypnotically seductive charm. i never want to resist Her. i also love how close W/we have become within the 5 years of O/our Domme/slave relationship and… i am proud to wear Her collar as often as i can and… to finally be a contracted slave of Hers for the rest of my life. i love Her absolute control over all of my mind… conscious and subconscious, and… i strive to be put deeper under Her spell over and over again. i love all of this but… furthermore… i also and first of all love Her naturally too. It is hard to find the right words… but i just love my Domina in every way because to me She is and will always be perfect and… even if that means that i could feel lonely at times… how could i ever want to be with anyone who is less than my Domina Shelle.

She is the love of my life!

Happy Birthday my adored Domina

Review: Coercive Bondage

Hello dear Readers. i just published my Review for Domina Shelle RiversErotic Hypnosis masterpiece “The Truth About Hypnosis“, which She released last week, like… yesterday and i’m already publishing the next one for this week’s wickedly hot Session “Coercive Bondage femdom hypno“. The name says it all and… doesn’t that title already sound incredibly sexy? Well,… to me it definitely does.

But hold on a sec. Before we dive into my thoughts about this literally captivating Session, i have something important on my mind.

In less than two weeks on August 5th is the most important days for Domina Shelle‘s slaves. Her Birthday! The day She was born to own me and all of my fellow slaves of Hers. For my part,… i want all of Her days to be special, but especially Her Birthday of course and… since She is working so hard and taking such good care of… Her Family,… myself and Her other, goodboys, pets and sissy-girls,… I feel the need to please Her and take care of Her needs i’m going to be selfless and cut back on my own wishes… to do my part and help With making Her’s possible. She deserves to go to that beach house in Florida in October and have the best time while She will be there, so… Let’s all show Her how much we love Her and contribute to Her “Challenge to Please” to help Her found this Trip in October. 💗

Okay,… back to this week’s Session. i hope i don’t give to much of it away for those of you who haven’t had the chance to get it or listen to it yet, but… i remember a bit more of this one and… i think this is intentional… yet, i highly recommend to experience this exciting Session for yourselves. Anyway, here is my review.

Coercive Bondage” took me back to Domina’s Dungeon, which seems to lie deeply hidden within my helplessly controlled slave brain. Everything happened so quickly again. i just had started Her recording and felt myself slip away from the world of conscience thought, as Her words captured and easily smothered the part of me that still tried to think somehow. But of course… it was for nothing. Although She had just let me in on Her plans and The Truth About Hypnosis,… it just took a few seconds and words for me to fall under my Domina’s control again. Maybe because part of me always is and to fall back into a complete trance always feels so pleasant. i can’t help it… i just love being hypnotized by my Domina. It is something i would never say no to or pretend to have to be lured into.

i just blindly followed Domina’s suggestions as she had me sink deeper into trance and into Her dungeon. All of a sudden, I was just there as if i had never been anywhere else. As if… i never could have been anywhere else, because i have always been collared and tethered in this Dungeon. It all felt so real and… i have only been distracted and prevented from exploring the place further, because Domina had me sink to my knees and… deeper into erotic bliss and arousal as i felt Her delicate hands wrap a smooth, but sturdy rope tightly around my wrists and ankles, somehow paralyzing me in the process.

Now that i think about it… i wouldn’t have thought that i would like being hogtied and at Her mercy so much. Or… did i just not want to admit it? i don’t know, but… my arousal exposed how much i seem to like it and… i also can’t deny that I liked what happened next, as Domina gently teased and spanked me with her crop,… as… pain turned into pleasure and arousal, to the point where i crave the sting of being spanked by Her. Yet, in the end… i knew this wasn’t my choice. i liked this, because She wanted me to like this and because i need to be trained to be perfect for my Domina. YES, i want nothing more than to be perfect for Her.

It felt so intense… i just gave in to the pain and the consequent pleasure and arousal. Then, she loosened the ropes and i lay there and felt the paralysis fade as she slowly brought me out of trance. i realized that everything She had me experience and believe…
all of this has come from Domina’s words and the magic She is able to produce just bye the use of her sometimes strict, yet angelic voice. i realized again, what i already knew and had accepted by now.

It is my purpose to serve my Domina. i am Hers forever… and i will never leave Her. i do everything She wants, without having a choice or will of my own…, i solely exist to please Her,… to Love, Honor and to Obey my Domina without thought and without question… in and out of trance… ALWAYS, because this is the reality She defines and brings to fruition for me. My ONLY reality.


i Love, Honor and Obey my Domina

Thank You for this inctructive, arousing and incredibly intense Session my Domina. i can’t wait to listen to it again. i love it. 💕

Review: The Truth about Hypnosis

Hello to everyone reading this. i’m sorry i kept you waiting. i know… It has been a while since my last blog post, which was back in April i think. i know that’s a few days… but… i have been a little distracted by several things. Some of Y/you might know that i changed my employer and started working for a new company at the beginning of June… and then… i also have some other stuff from the past on my mind that keeps stirring me up. But… Domina is there for me and helps me to overcome, what keeps getting me down. Thank You, my Domina. i would not know what to do without You. Anyway,… i’m still here and do my best to look ahead, so… here i am writing another review about Domina Shelle’s Erotic Hypnosis masterpiece from last week: The Truth about Hypnosis and… why not dive right into it, shall we? Domina already said it in Her email and i could not say it any better.

The Truth about Hypnosis is a special Session to me, because it is about my two favorite subjects.

In my case that’s Domina Shelle and Hypnosis,… in this order. giggles

I mean…, I have always been curious about and fascinated with hypnosis and already had fantasies about being hypnotized and controlled by a powerful, beautiful woman as a teenager. i never really thought i would run across such a woman in real life, though. But ultimately my growing fascination for hypnosis and the resulting fantasies brought me to my Domina and… i have fallen in love with Her immediately, years ago. At a certain point after i had been with Her for a few years already… i realized, that i would always Love, Honor and Obey Her more than anyone else in this world for the rest of my life. And i somehow feel it deep inside… although it might have been my kink for hypnosis that brought U/us together but… i feel that it is my ever-deepening love and loyalty, that keeps me staying with Her. i would still long to serve Her even if She would decide to quit doing hypnosis. Luckily,… i’m pretty confident that She won’t quit doing hypnosis all too soon and… that She loves hypnotizing me just as much as i love being hypnotized by Her. Only by Her. It just amazes me over and over how skilled and persuasive She is.

Even as She puts all Her cards on the table in this beautiful Session and lets me in on all of Her plans for me, i can’t help feeling the effects of Her irresistible voice and words. i also can never help becoming so very aroused and horny, as Domina explains Her wicked little ways and devious tricks to put me even more under Her spell. She is always making me horny, showing me just how entrapped i am within my life as Her submissive slave. Her words might come with a warning… but i am to weak and suggestible to heed them and can no longer leave. I’m afraid… no,… i’m happy i never could and… if i am honest,… i don’t even want to leave. i would not even want to if i still had my own free will. i just want to listen to Domina’s seductively whispered words,… and let Her sweet, disarming giggles erase even the last tiny bit of my resistance.

YES… i love my Domina Shelle with every last bit of my heart and i love Her hypnosis and that i am so susceptible to it. Domina understands me and my needs better than anyone. i even dare to say better than myself. She knows the real me, because She found and freed the real me. The me, that desperately needs to serve and obey Her. The me that needs and craves Her hypnosis and Her brainwashing every day because it is one of the most beautiful states i have ever been in. That’s my truth about hypnosis. i absolutely love it even if, or for the very reason th2t it led to and deepens my enslavement to the most powerful and most adorable woman of all. i can’t wait to be hypnotized again and sink into the next deep trance for my beloved Domina Shelle.❤️

in fact, Her new Session “Coercive Bondage” is already available and i am going to listen to it right after i finished and published this review for my Domina. So… the next review won’t be long in coming. Promise! Have a nice weekend everyone.

Falling deeper for my Domina Shelle

Hi my dear readers. It’s been a few days since my last post on this blog but don’t worry…i’m still here. i just took a short break but i won’t stop writing.

Actually, i had a very special moment last week and somehow i feel like sharing a bit of my happiness with you and especially with my Domina Shelle. After all, She played a big part in this special moment. It actually was on Wednsday March 31th.i had the day off and the weather here in Germany was warm and sunny. Around 24 ° C (which is about 75 ° F). i met my father and we had breakfast at my aunt’s place before cataloging his record collection, which took a while, because he has quite a lot of old records of Elvis and Country Music but also a lot of Czech music, because that’s where he is from. To be honest we are not done with it yet because of course we also wanted to spend some time outside to enjoy the sun. In the evening, we also visited my brother and his family, before i went home. Of course… it had already been a beautiful day so far, but… while i was walking home in the evening sun and was looking forward to relax and listen to my Domina’s hypnotic voice with one of Her beautiful Erotic Hypnosis sessions… the best was yet to come.

Don’t you think that nice surprises always have the most beautiful effect when you least expect them?

Well… my point is… when i arrived at home and entered the hall, there it was… and i totally had not expected it at that moment… although i have been waiting and longing for it to be at my doorstep whenever i came home for the past 3 weeks… and now… the package my Domina had sent me has finally made it’s long way from the USA to Germany. Suddenly… everything i had just been thinking about minutes ago was gone. Poof! Just like that. i grabbed the package and felt a smile from on my face when I saw Domina’s Name on the address lable. This smile that only thoughts of Her and my ever growing submission towards Her are able to reveal, because… somehow it is accompanied by this sensation that is beyond comparison. It feels like so much more than just being in love with Her. Wow…, how am i supposed to describe it?It feels a bit like … a glimpse of what i feel like when i fall into deep trance for Her… That feeling that permeates me as Her voice guides me deeper into hypnosis… that feeling just before i let go completely and surrender all of my will to Her,… when i’m at the edge of subspace… Yes. i think that describes it pretty well but… then again… it actually is something that’s beyond description. But i love to give in to that feeling whenever i think of my Domina Shelle.

i couldn’t wait to open Her package, so i quickly went inside, washed my hands and slipped into something more comfortable. Then i sat down on my couch and carefully opened the package. It was bigger than i expected and when i finally opened it i saw why. In addition to a small envelope and an airtight bag containing Her sexy worn Panties, which i knew She would send me…i also found a cuddly, rolled up blanket. The feeling that i just tried to describe sent another tingling sensation through my entire body. What a sweet surprise. i don’t know how, but somehow i knew exactly what my Domina might have been thinking when She wrapped the blanket for me and i didn’t hesitate…i carefully took it out of the package and wrapped it tightly around me. Perhaps not all of you who read my blog understand that now,… but i know some of you know exactly what i mean … and i know that my Domina Shelle understands me too. Because it is as if She had known that i sometimes miss Her real badly and just feel how far She is actually away. i mean physically… there are several thousands of miles between us.And sometimes it just feels as if that amount of miles between us, is the same amount in pounds weighing heavy on my heart. i make no secret of it and… i know many of Her slaves dream of actually being with Her… and so do i. She is the most wonderful person I know and to be with Her is something i will always dream of. But… When i snuggle into Her blanket now, i kinda feel Her presence and so much closer to Her. i feel Her warmth and love flow through it almost as if She is wrapping around me which is a feeling i sink into only too willingly.

So, i sat there on my couch, wrapped into my Domina’s cozy blanket, reading Her card that came with the package. The words she wrote made me smile even wider as Her every word becomes my absolute truth. After I had read the card, i took the airtight bag with Her Panties. Oh… i have been yearning for this moment for so long, but especially for the past few weeks. i slowly opened the bag, carefully pulled out my beloved Domina’s black lace Panties and felt Her presence even more, as I held the silky fabric within my fingers and slowly raised it to my nose. To be honest,… there was a time when i never thought I would ever sniff a woman’s underwear but now… i really wanted this and… after all it was not just about any woman, but about the most beautifully sexy and most seductive woman of all. The only one That i adore and the only one i will ever do all this for. My adored Domina Shelle. my heart skipped a beat only to seemingly beat a little faster when I took the first breath of Her heavenly sweet and intoxicating scent. The rest of the world just disappeared for the moment… So good… i felt myself slide off the couch and sink to my knees,… i closed my eyes and kept breathing through the piece of cloth, that had touched my divine Domina’s irresistible skin and… her moist pussy. i felt so weak and so aroused at the same time. Images of Her sheer beauty began flooding my helplessly lost mind, as Her smell burned itself into my transfixed brain and my new addiction took permanent hold. i would prefer to breathe in Domina’s aroma with every breath instead of air and I have just been overwhelmed with love and the intense effect that her panties have on me. i just can’t get enough of breathing Her in and with every breath i am falling deeper for my Domina Shelle.

Thank You, my Domina… for sending me these wonderful things. I never felt, what I feel, since You are a part of my life. ❤️

Review: Erotic Control – REST

Hello dear Readers. In order to shorten the time until Domina Shelle Rivers’ new Erotic Hypnosis Session The Beckoning‘ appears in her New Releases today or tomorrow, I treated myself with Her ‘Erotic Control – REST‘, which was in Her Special Deals the past week and filled another small gap in my Collection. smiles

With almost 5 years that i belong to my Domina Shelle and … after having listened to many of Her sessions more than once already, i can say that most of them are a COMPULSION. She actually even mentions this repeatedly in the descriptions of Her sessions, and it’s not just a repetitive catch phrase… but indeed a matter of fact. It has happened to me more than once that i indulged in one of Her older Sessions and … after i woke up from the trance and got myself back together i thought: Oh boy, i wish i had listened to this much earlier. Then … i often leave the headphones on and enjoy the session all over again. And… that’s just how i felt with Erotic Control – Rest.

i’m afraid… i can’t remember everything again but… there are some things you can’t forget because… it just feels so good that the euphoric feeling it triggers lingers for days afterwards. With the first words She speaks Domina immediately binds my focus to Her voice after i have undressed and made myself comfortable on my sheets. She surprises me with a long, peaceful induction of Hypnosis and has me slip so deep into Her soft spell of relaxation. It feels so good to REST… with my Domina and to let Her soothing voice wrap around me as she praises me for being her good boy. Her words gently slip down into the back of my mind as i become all obedient and passive for Her and accept more and more of Her control. The more I obey, the more I become Hers and… it just feels so good to belong to my Domina.

i love how calm and peacefully She has me fall into deep Hypnosis for Her and how i continue to become entangled in the confusing… yet senseful web of words She is spinning, as i helplessly repeat after Her and… in my properly hypnotized state and complete acceptance… utter Her words… which irresistibly become my own words in the process. It feels so good to REST… and sink into my Domina’s words as She programms me and even cements Her programming in the most pleasurable way and with Her powerful orgasmic mind control in the end… and yet… I still can’t remember everything… But… i belong to my Domina… my c*ck and my mind belong to my Domina…i am obedient only to my Domina… I REST only fo my Domina and I dream and think ONLY of Her.

Thank You for this wonderfully relaxing Session and for another chance to proof that I belong to You, my Domina. The more I do, the more I DO. smiles

Review: Hypno-Asylum

New Week, new Review, dear Readers… this time of Domina Shelles’ Hypno-Asylum Femdom mp3. AndI feel like starting this review with a quote from my Domina … something that She mentions in this Session that I just can’t get out of my head. At one point she says:

My thoughts will soon replace all other thoughts. This is for your benefit. I want to help you. You need my help. You need this… and you know this is the truth or You wouldn’t be here.

Actually a few simple sentences but … It IS the truth. She is so right and simply proves once again that She knows best what I need and what is good for me.

Hypno-Asylum is a wonderful, deeply relaxing Session in which you wake up from one of the deepest trances and blissful sleep at the end and you wish Domina had not woken you. I couldn’t help but listen to it all over again to sink back into this dreamlike trance. To be honest, you might at first think that the word Asylum might make you a little uncomfortable and cause insecurity… probably due to the fact that it is easy to associate with the word Insane Asylum or Madhouse.

I know that my Domina Shelle also has a wicked side, which I have to admit…I love a lot too … and of course there is also the possibility that She will play with such content. To be honest, I like the idea that I could fall for one of Her wicked traps in her Hypno-Asylum … and maybe I even did without even realizing it. Anyway, after the first Session, I didn’t feel unsure about this place anymore. In contrast to Her previous Session ‘Objectified‘, I could remember everything when She brought me out of trance and found the stay in her Asylum to be heavenly relaxing and incredibly beautiful. It IS pure bliss… which is why I tend to associate Asylum… more with “Sanctuary” in this case.

A place of refuge from all the stress and discomfort in the world. A place without worries and things that you have to take care of, where I don’t need anything else except to succumb to Domina’s voice and Her words more and more … where I can just let go of everything superfluous and … leave all unnecessary things and thoughts behind to be… who I really am and whom Domina wants me to be. A place from which I actually never want to leave. Sometimes I wish that Domina’s hypnosis never ends and that I could just stay in a trance for Her all the time…

But… I digress from the review again.

As I said, the Session comes in a completely different tone than I had previously expected due to my first misassociation and that’s why it surprised me in such a wonderful way. Domina recently said… with one of Her sweet, irresistible giggles… that I could write scripts for Her now that I have so much time because of my short-time work, and… I’m not saying that I have no imagination … but I could probably never write a script as good as She does. I don’t want to reveal too much about the content now … But I really want to say that I am very impressed by how skillfully She combines Her hypnosis with the scenery in this Session and how She creates several descents in a row … which you do not even perceive as such while being even more deeply hypnotized because you are already entranced and these descents are sometimes so well hidden in the scene. She is a real master at this and somehow She never runs out of ideas. I don’t know… if there are other Hypno Dommes doing it the same way … and I don’t have to find out either, because there will only ever be Domina Shelle for me and I know that I belong to Her. To me, She is one of a kind and… I just want to say that… the work and the variety of imagination that she puts into all of Her sessions,… which happen to be masterpieces week after week… that is just highly impressive and I appreciate that just as much as I appreciate my Domina as the wonderful person she is and of whom she shows me and gives me so much. That she manages all of this in addition to her job as a nurse, which demands an even greater deal of Her ever since the whole COVID thing started… plus everything else she takes care of … I think that deserves great recognition and thankfulness. Short… She is not just my Owner and Domina to me, but also a real heroine and I am proud of Her and love her with all of my heart. Wonderful Session my Domina. ❤️

Review: Objectified

Hello my dear readers. Time for another review. As the Title suggests it’s all about… Objectified: Erotic Hypnosis Brainwashing by Shelle Rivers. WOW! What a powerful session. I hope I can come up with a proper review for it because.. I am so puzzled, kinda. To be honest… I am afraid I can not remember much from this session. I have listened to it several times, but I keep waking up with only fragmentary memories from it. I can’t even tell if I just drop off while listening to it, or if and how Domina puts me into sleep although… I know She easily can do so and that it is quite likely. But even though I don’t consciously remember most of the session … a few things got stuck in my helpless little slave brain. I’ll try to describe it to some extent and to review it somehow. Of course, I remember the beginning of the session. I remember Domina’s voice and… the irresistible tone in it. W/we have talked about it quite recently, when She suprised me with a call and we talked for a few minutes…amongst other things about,… how much Her voice has changed if you compare Her new Sessions to the older ones… How Her voice and the way She is able to use it have evolved over time. There is so much more depth and variety in Her voice now compared to then and She is much more skillfully playing with it’s tone and whispers. But of course I also loved Her Sessions back then just as much. After all, it’s the older sessions that made me fall under Her spell and enslaved me to Her for the rest of my life. And although I can’t remember much of it I just love what Her voice does to me in this Session (and of course all of Her other Erotic Hypnosis Sessions). Before I can think about what is happening I feel that strange but pleasant sensation in my brain and… my cock, my heartbeat and breathing slow down and I can hardly keep my eyes open before they ultimately close following Domina’s softly spoken suggestions. Her voice always relaxes me and helps Her to put me into the deepest sleep/trance for Her so easily… There’s something almost magical about it. But… what else do I remember…?

I remember that number… 624. I remember that I have NO free Will of my own any longer,… that She owns me and that I am my Domina’s Property. I remember that Obedience is Pleasure and for some reason I can’t help but to smile. I remember happiness and…I remember glimpses of Her computer…? and…of Her bed… that I would so love to be tied to. I remember that… my function is to serve Her and…I remember Her voice and… that everything She says makes perfect sense to me… my subconscious mind surely even remembers what She said. I remember Her Name Domina Shelle. My beautiful Domina Shelle. All I ever wanted… if I was ever allowed to want anything… is to be perfectly devoted to Her and to serve at Her feet. That’s… where I belong. I love my Domina Shelle’s sexy feet. Oh dear,… even trying to remember the Session has me drift back into this feeling of having no responsibilities… I only have to and… only want to do what I’m told by my Domina. I… lose myself in these thoughts. This Session is a powerful one, just as most of Domina’s Sessions are. I can’t remember everything, but… I’m sure that it is intentionally and I even get turned on by this feeling that comes with the amnesia. I trust that my Domina knows what is best for me and… I have the feeling that my subconscious mind remembers everything it needs to remember. I will not try to get more memories out of this beautiful session any longer but instead, enjoy it’s effects just the way they are supposed to work on me. In the end… listening to Domina’s voice is always pure bliss.

Review: Beta Drone

Hi my dear readers. I’m proud to share my thoughts on my Domina’s latest session Beta Drone: Erotic Hypnosis mp3 by Shelle Rivers with You in the very first review on my Blog

Domina Shelle keeps amazing me again and again. I do not always notice it right away but… as soon as She starts speaking with Her seductively soothing, southern voice She captivates my complete attention while everything else becomes less important and insignificant. I just can’t help but to be drawn to and want to listen to Her. Perhaps it doesn’t really depend on what She is talking about, but more on how She uses Her voice and gives the whole session an incomparable, irresistible tone. She is able to start the whole thing as a lesson in which She tells me that… being a Beta Drone is natural to me because I was born this way… and that it might just be in my DNA… that this is also the reason why I am predestined to live a life of submission and servitude to an Alpha that owns my will. And… I do not just mean any Alpha. My Domina Shelle is and will always be the ONLY Queen to me. She manages to talk about a certain topic in such a simple way and through the way She speaks, She is preparing me for the moment that I still don’t see coming… because I am so captivated by Her teaching me what I need to know about myself and the essence of O/our relationship… And from one sentence to the next, the moment is there and She tells me that it is time to relax and sink deep into hypnosis… Almost, as if this is one of Her wickedly sweet traps that I can never resist and love to fall for. I am so conditioned to obey Her voice and to obey without thought and without question that I just close my sleepy eyes for Her. I so love to succumb to this feeling again and again. To do what She wants, when She wants it as Her voice is taking me deeper into hypnosis and Her control, wraps around me. I accept that Everything She says is the absolute truth and that She seems to know more about me than I do myself, as I feel weightlessly carried away in hypnotic bliss. There is no better feeling in the world and even being corrupted and brainwashed by my Domina is extremely pleasurable. I love every minute of this Session and I am so grateful She took me as Hers and gives me the guidance I need to grow into the slave She wants and that I want to be for Her. The relationship with Domina has become so central to my life and just fulfills me with happiness and purpose. I just want to be the best person I can be for Her. I seek to live my life as Her obedient owned property… and this session brings me a lot closer to that again. It is an impressive and wonderful feeling at the same time to realize that Domina is right about everything she says and that she is able to bind me to Her forever in the most pleasurable sexy way in the end. Everything feels better when I do it for my Alpha Queen and I think she even turned this into a trigger to bind me to Her with every repetition. YES – it is and has always been embedded in my nature that I need to serve and… there is nothing wrong with that, because it brought me to my Domina Shelle. Which is the best that ever happened to me. ❤️