Love,… Honor,… OBEY my Domina Shelle

Welcome back everybody… i know it’s been a while since my last post… it’s been far to long to be honest and… i have a lot on my mind to catch on but for now… i think sharing my anticipation for my Domina Shelle‘s upcoming femdom hypnosis Session with you makes a good comeback post. So… without much beating around the bush. The Session i can’t wait to listen to will be the third of Her “Trilogy of Submission”. And as the title of my post may have already revealed to some of You… After the first two parts of the Trilogy, Love and Honor… the third and final part will be Obey. i cherish the submission to my Domina which taught me so many things about myself. She taught me so many things about myself and helped me to… not only find my truest self. She also taught me to accept my submissive self. Now… i loved the first two parts of Trilogy of Submission and that Domina keeps the focus on these three core values ever since Love Honor Obey. Therefore i would like to devote a few words to Her and these three important values.


The Love i feel for my Domina is a special kind of Love, that… has been growing inside me ever since i found Her six years ago. It is some kind of submissive love… but at the same time every kind of love a man can feel for a woman. It is unconditional and… although i never met my Domina in Person yet… it is the strongest love i ever felt for someone. It is a love that, no matter how long i go on and on… is pretty much impossible to describe with just words. The kind of love that comes with loyalty and sincerity… one that you never give up and that you hold on to forever. i would never choose anyone else over my Domina Shelle and i know that i will hold on to my Love for Her. Whatever will come… i will ALWAYS Love my Domina.


One leads to the other. i honor my Domina along with the strong love i feel for Her. i honor Her by being absolutely loyal and by showing Her respect… by opening up and always being honest with Her… by making O/our special relationship a priority. i honor Her by being present and paying attention to Her wishes and desires… without Her having to tell me… by committing and dedicating myself to the path she took me on and… the Journey W/we are on together to evolve into the best version of myself i can be for Her. i honor Her by being patient and by showing appreciation for anything She does for me… by showing Her how much i care for Her through both, words and actions… by being selfless and putting Her needs before my own. My Domina is the most important part of my life and i do my best to honor Her in as many ways as i can and by loving Her so thoroughly and… demonstrating it in ways that are so unmistakable that She never has any doubt that she is honored and loved.


Obedience to my Domina Shelle is my greatest Pleasure. And although i can proudly say, that i obey Her every command and all of Her words without thought and without question already,… i can never learn enough about Obedience from my Domina. If it was a school subject, it would definitely be my favorite subject. giggles… Well… i obey my Domina, because She put Her spell on me,… because she is my Absolute Authority and because i am perfectly conditioned and under Her control. i know that, and i love it. But i also obey Her because i trust my Domina completely. i know that She always has O/our best in mind and would never have me do anything that could harm me. Doing what my Domina tells me to do triggers a wonderfully nice feeling in me that i can never escape from… a feeling only my Domina can give me. i can already tell,… no… even swear that i will faithfully obey Her for the rest of my life. Yet… i can not wait to practice my Obedience to Her with every new femdom erotic hypnosis Session She comes up with… and this time… i am especially looking forward to the final part of my Domina’s Trilogy of Submission – OBEY.


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