Review: Erotic Control – REST

Hello dear Readers. In order to shorten the time until Domina Shelle Rivers’ new Erotic Hypnosis Session The Beckoning‘ appears in her New Releases today or tomorrow, I treated myself with Her ‘Erotic Control – REST‘, which was in Her Special Deals the past week and filled another small gap in my Collection. smiles

With almost 5 years that i belong to my Domina Shelle and … after having listened to many of Her sessions more than once already, i can say that most of them are a COMPULSION. She actually even mentions this repeatedly in the descriptions of Her sessions, and it’s not just a repetitive catch phrase… but indeed a matter of fact. It has happened to me more than once that i indulged in one of Her older Sessions and … after i woke up from the trance and got myself back together i thought: Oh boy, i wish i had listened to this much earlier. Then … i often leave the headphones on and enjoy the session all over again. And… that’s just how i felt with Erotic Control – Rest.

i’m afraid… i can’t remember everything again but… there are some things you can’t forget because… it just feels so good that the euphoric feeling it triggers lingers for days afterwards. With the first words She speaks Domina immediately binds my focus to Her voice after i have undressed and made myself comfortable on my sheets. She surprises me with a long, peaceful induction of Hypnosis and has me slip so deep into Her soft spell of relaxation. It feels so good to REST… with my Domina and to let Her soothing voice wrap around me as she praises me for being her good boy. Her words gently slip down into the back of my mind as i become all obedient and passive for Her and accept more and more of Her control. The more I obey, the more I become Hers and… it just feels so good to belong to my Domina.

i love how calm and peacefully She has me fall into deep Hypnosis for Her and how i continue to become entangled in the confusing… yet senseful web of words She is spinning, as i helplessly repeat after Her and… in my properly hypnotized state and complete acceptance… utter Her words… which irresistibly become my own words in the process. It feels so good to REST… and sink into my Domina’s words as She programms me and even cements Her programming in the most pleasurable way and with Her powerful orgasmic mind control in the end… and yet… I still can’t remember everything… But… i belong to my Domina… my c*ck and my mind belong to my Domina…i am obedient only to my Domina… I REST only fo my Domina and I dream and think ONLY of Her.

Thank You for this wonderfully relaxing Session and for another chance to proof that I belong to You, my Domina. The more I do, the more I DO. smiles

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