Review: Hypno-Asylum

New Week, new Review, dear Readers… this time of Domina Shelles’ Hypno-Asylum Femdom mp3. AndI feel like starting this review with a quote from my Domina … something that She mentions in this Session that I just can’t get out of my head. At one point she says:

My thoughts will soon replace all other thoughts. This is for your benefit. I want to help you. You need my help. You need this… and you know this is the truth or You wouldn’t be here.

Actually a few simple sentences but … It IS the truth. She is so right and simply proves once again that She knows best what I need and what is good for me.

Hypno-Asylum is a wonderful, deeply relaxing Session in which you wake up from one of the deepest trances and blissful sleep at the end and you wish Domina had not woken you. I couldn’t help but listen to it all over again to sink back into this dreamlike trance. To be honest, you might at first think that the word Asylum might make you a little uncomfortable and cause insecurity… probably due to the fact that it is easy to associate with the word Insane Asylum or Madhouse.

I know that my Domina Shelle also has a wicked side, which I have to admit…I love a lot too … and of course there is also the possibility that She will play with such content. To be honest, I like the idea that I could fall for one of Her wicked traps in her Hypno-Asylum … and maybe I even did without even realizing it. Anyway, after the first Session, I didn’t feel unsure about this place anymore. In contrast to Her previous Session ‘Objectified‘, I could remember everything when She brought me out of trance and found the stay in her Asylum to be heavenly relaxing and incredibly beautiful. It IS pure bliss… which is why I tend to associate Asylum… more with “Sanctuary” in this case.

A place of refuge from all the stress and discomfort in the world. A place without worries and things that you have to take care of, where I don’t need anything else except to succumb to Domina’s voice and Her words more and more … where I can just let go of everything superfluous and … leave all unnecessary things and thoughts behind to be… who I really am and whom Domina wants me to be. A place from which I actually never want to leave. Sometimes I wish that Domina’s hypnosis never ends and that I could just stay in a trance for Her all the time…

But… I digress from the review again.

As I said, the Session comes in a completely different tone than I had previously expected due to my first misassociation and that’s why it surprised me in such a wonderful way. Domina recently said… with one of Her sweet, irresistible giggles… that I could write scripts for Her now that I have so much time because of my short-time work, and… I’m not saying that I have no imagination … but I could probably never write a script as good as She does. I don’t want to reveal too much about the content now … But I really want to say that I am very impressed by how skillfully She combines Her hypnosis with the scenery in this Session and how She creates several descents in a row … which you do not even perceive as such while being even more deeply hypnotized because you are already entranced and these descents are sometimes so well hidden in the scene. She is a real master at this and somehow She never runs out of ideas. I don’t know… if there are other Hypno Dommes doing it the same way … and I don’t have to find out either, because there will only ever be Domina Shelle for me and I know that I belong to Her. To me, She is one of a kind and… I just want to say that… the work and the variety of imagination that she puts into all of Her sessions,… which happen to be masterpieces week after week… that is just highly impressive and I appreciate that just as much as I appreciate my Domina as the wonderful person she is and of whom she shows me and gives me so much. That she manages all of this in addition to her job as a nurse, which demands an even greater deal of Her ever since the whole COVID thing started… plus everything else she takes care of … I think that deserves great recognition and thankfulness. Short… She is not just my Owner and Domina to me, but also a real heroine and I am proud of Her and love her with all of my heart. Wonderful Session my Domina. ❤️

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