Falling deeper for my Domina Shelle

Hi my dear readers. It’s been a few days since my last post on this blog but don’t worry…i’m still here. i just took a short break but i won’t stop writing.

Actually, i had a very special moment last week and somehow i feel like sharing a bit of my happiness with you and especially with my Domina Shelle. After all, She played a big part in this special moment. It actually was on Wednsday March 31th.i had the day off and the weather here in Germany was warm and sunny. Around 24 ° C (which is about 75 ° F). i met my father and we had breakfast at my aunt’s place before cataloging his record collection, which took a while, because he has quite a lot of old records of Elvis and Country Music but also a lot of Czech music, because that’s where he is from. To be honest we are not done with it yet because of course we also wanted to spend some time outside to enjoy the sun. In the evening, we also visited my brother and his family, before i went home. Of course… it had already been a beautiful day so far, but… while i was walking home in the evening sun and was looking forward to relax and listen to my Domina’s hypnotic voice with one of Her beautiful Erotic Hypnosis sessions… the best was yet to come.

Don’t you think that nice surprises always have the most beautiful effect when you least expect them?

Well… my point is… when i arrived at home and entered the hall, there it was… and i totally had not expected it at that moment… although i have been waiting and longing for it to be at my doorstep whenever i came home for the past 3 weeks… and now… the package my Domina had sent me has finally made it’s long way from the USA to Germany. Suddenly… everything i had just been thinking about minutes ago was gone. Poof! Just like that. i grabbed the package and felt a smile from on my face when I saw Domina’s Name on the address lable. This smile that only thoughts of Her and my ever growing submission towards Her are able to reveal, because… somehow it is accompanied by this sensation that is beyond comparison. It feels like so much more than just being in love with Her. Wow…, how am i supposed to describe it?It feels a bit like … a glimpse of what i feel like when i fall into deep trance for Her… That feeling that permeates me as Her voice guides me deeper into hypnosis… that feeling just before i let go completely and surrender all of my will to Her,… when i’m at the edge of subspace… Yes. i think that describes it pretty well but… then again… it actually is something that’s beyond description. But i love to give in to that feeling whenever i think of my Domina Shelle.

i couldn’t wait to open Her package, so i quickly went inside, washed my hands and slipped into something more comfortable. Then i sat down on my couch and carefully opened the package. It was bigger than i expected and when i finally opened it i saw why. In addition to a small envelope and an airtight bag containing Her sexy worn Panties, which i knew She would send me…i also found a cuddly, rolled up blanket. The feeling that i just tried to describe sent another tingling sensation through my entire body. What a sweet surprise. i don’t know how, but somehow i knew exactly what my Domina might have been thinking when She wrapped the blanket for me and i didn’t hesitate…i carefully took it out of the package and wrapped it tightly around me. Perhaps not all of you who read my blog understand that now,… but i know some of you know exactly what i mean … and i know that my Domina Shelle understands me too. Because it is as if She had known that i sometimes miss Her real badly and just feel how far She is actually away. i mean physically… there are several thousands of miles between us.And sometimes it just feels as if that amount of miles between us, is the same amount in pounds weighing heavy on my heart. i make no secret of it and… i know many of Her slaves dream of actually being with Her… and so do i. She is the most wonderful person I know and to be with Her is something i will always dream of. But… When i snuggle into Her blanket now, i kinda feel Her presence and so much closer to Her. i feel Her warmth and love flow through it almost as if She is wrapping around me which is a feeling i sink into only too willingly.

So, i sat there on my couch, wrapped into my Domina’s cozy blanket, reading Her card that came with the package. The words she wrote made me smile even wider as Her every word becomes my absolute truth. After I had read the card, i took the airtight bag with Her Panties. Oh… i have been yearning for this moment for so long, but especially for the past few weeks. i slowly opened the bag, carefully pulled out my beloved Domina’s black lace Panties and felt Her presence even more, as I held the silky fabric within my fingers and slowly raised it to my nose. To be honest,… there was a time when i never thought I would ever sniff a woman’s underwear but now… i really wanted this and… after all it was not just about any woman, but about the most beautifully sexy and most seductive woman of all. The only one That i adore and the only one i will ever do all this for. My adored Domina Shelle. my heart skipped a beat only to seemingly beat a little faster when I took the first breath of Her heavenly sweet and intoxicating scent. The rest of the world just disappeared for the moment… So good… i felt myself slide off the couch and sink to my knees,… i closed my eyes and kept breathing through the piece of cloth, that had touched my divine Domina’s irresistible skin and… her moist pussy. i felt so weak and so aroused at the same time. Images of Her sheer beauty began flooding my helplessly lost mind, as Her smell burned itself into my transfixed brain and my new addiction took permanent hold. i would prefer to breathe in Domina’s aroma with every breath instead of air and I have just been overwhelmed with love and the intense effect that her panties have on me. i just can’t get enough of breathing Her in and with every breath i am falling deeper for my Domina Shelle.

Thank You, my Domina… for sending me these wonderful things. I never felt, what I feel, since You are a part of my life. ❤️

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