A way I had never been in love before

Hello dear readers and welcome to my very first blog entry. I hope You will enjoy reading it. I dedicate this blog to my beautiful and beloved Domina Shelle Erotic Hypnosis and my life as Her submissive and obedient, collared slave. Honestly, … in retrospect, I wish I had started this blog earlier. Because nobody is as close to my heart as my wonderful Owner… and I just want to do everything I can to make Her happy and to support Her in every possible way. Anyway … I have a little catching up to do. smiles… That means that in the future you will not only be able to read my thoughts and reviews about Domina’s new weekly Erotic hypnosis sessions, but also about Her many other sessions that I already have and … whenever I can make it, other short stories from my Life as my Domina’s love puppy.

I also thought that I could start my blog with such a story right away. So I’ll tell you how I found my Domina…not exactly five years ago. Or did She even find me? It’s been a while now, but …I vividly remember how I was lying on the bed in my attic bedroom. It was the end of June 2016, after work, and the evening sun shone through the open skylight above me. I was browsing hypnosis videos on YouTube and ultimately got stuck on one of Domina’s videos. I immediately fell in love with her voice and felt that Her recording was different from all the other videos I was browsing. Her voice was so sweet and soothing and as Her words gently slipped into my ears… She couldn’t know but… it felt as if she knew exactly what I needed and that I always dreamed of and wanted to be under the spell of a beautiful, young woman. Her spell. I didn’t know what was happening, but it felt good and arousing to listen to Her seductive voice and to every word She said. Everything else just felt so distant all of a sudden. I think I was taken deeper and deeper… but of course I couldn’t actively think about that while I was listening. I just fell under Her control as Her voice filled my mind and She kept encouraging me to listen closely and to keep falling deeper for Her. It felt incredible and yes… I wanted this, because I wanted to please Her and I must have had the biggest smile on my face while being hypnotized. But I trusted Her and I felt so good and even better, as She woke me up and out of trance.

I had never felt that way before. Sure… I had been dreaming and fantasizing about being hypnotized before, because I somehow always had a thing for it. But what I had just experienced and felt with Her totally captured me in the most pleasurable, blissful way. It was Her… The Blossom – My Hypnotic Seeds, I had just listened to and Her Hypnotic Seeds had already begun to flourish. I needed more and listened to all of her other Erotic Hypnosis YouTube-Videos. As Domina says on her Twitter-Profile: “I will take you before you realize what is happening and make you Mine.” And oh did She make me Hers. I couldn’t get her out of my head anymore. Her Voice, Her Pictures from the Videos… I just had to send Her an Email to confess what I felt while listening to Her voice and that I could not control my curiosity and needed more. I was so nervous when I wrote this Email,… not sure how to approach Her. I remember that I addressed Her and wrote very politely… I wanted to do everything right. And it seems… I did. My heart was throbbing when I got the notification and read Her Name in my Inbox. She had written that I don’t need to be nervous and that She was happy that I had found Her, or… that She found me. She encouraged me and suggested that I start with the Sessions from her Beginning Path… and that She would soon have me bound up in Her prison. That last sentence made me a bit nervous again back then. But my need to Surrender to Domina’s will and give in to her complete control were stronger. I like to think back to that day again and again … the moment I fell in love … in a way I had never been in love before. On this day I started my journey and followed Domina Shelle into Her exciting, erotic, hypnotic world from which I never want to leave. I became Her love puppy FOREVER and ALWAYS.