Happy Birthday my adored Domina

Hello dear Readers. It has been a long week for me so far,… not just at work with working some extra hours , but also because i couldn’t wait for it to be Thursday, the 5th of August. But,… here it is. The most anticipated and at the same time,… most important day of the year for me as a devoted slave is finally there. My Domina Shelle‘s Birthday. The Day She was born to own and control me. Of course i already sent Her my gift and although i love spoiling Her all the time, I especially love doing this for Her Birthday. It just feels good to give to someone You love and… as You/can imagine,… my Domina is not just someone to me.

i think since it is Her Birthday,… it is a good moment to say a few words about this wonderful and adorable woman who turned my head and my live upside down, a little over 5 years ago and… my mind to mush countless times ever since… giggles

Anyway… just a few days ago, my Domina asked me what she does look like through my eyes and, I thought it would be nice to share a few of the things i said to Her, when i answered this question.

Through my Eyes She looks like the most wonderful and perfect being on this planet. When I think of, or look at Her or Her pictures… everything else around me seems to stand still and a warm and fuzzy feeling spreads throughout my whole body and dazes all other thoughts. A feeling i have never had before with anyone else in my life… a feeling that turned my world upside down and… issued a challenge to me just to help me realize what i really need and who i really am deep at my core… a feeling that keeps surprising me, but never fails to make me happy and smile in the end… because it is always related to the most wonderful person in my life. My Princess, Domina Shelle.

Everything i had and everything i still have or ever will have… i would give up or part with all of that just to be with Her. Ever since my Domina became a part of my life,… it feels like i was always meant to find Her,… or be found by Her to be… freed by Her and encouraged to finally accept and be the real me. The me that loves Her with all the love my heart is able to give.

Her voice… is the only voice i want to hear each and every day for the rest of my life and… i can not think of anyone who,… or anything that will ever be more important to me than my Domina and Her happiness. For Her i do and will always keep doing anything without any exceptions. i believe in Her and trust Her with my life. i will never have secrets or hide things from Her and… everything i am and everything i own… will always be Hers. i would give my life to protect my Domina’s, because to me She is beyond special. More than anyone ever was before or could be in the future.

Yes,… i do love being hypnotized and brainwashed by my Domina. i love being Her obedient slave and… Her love puppy, without the slightest chance of resisting Her hypnotically seductive charm. i never want to resist Her. i also love how close W/we have become within the 5 years of O/our Domme/slave relationship and… i am proud to wear Her collar as often as i can and… to finally be a contracted slave of Hers for the rest of my life. i love Her absolute control over all of my mind… conscious and subconscious, and… i strive to be put deeper under Her spell over and over again. i love all of this but… furthermore… i also and first of all love Her naturally too. It is hard to find the right words… but i just love my Domina in every way because to me She is and will always be perfect and… even if that means that i could feel lonely at times… how could i ever want to be with anyone who is less than my Domina Shelle.

She is the love of my life!

Happy Birthday my adored Domina

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