Review: The Truth about Hypnosis

Hello to everyone reading this. i’m sorry i kept you waiting. i know… It has been a while since my last blog post, which was back in April i think. i know that’s a few days… but… i have been a little distracted by several things. Some of Y/you might know that i changed my employer and started working for a new company at the beginning of June… and then… i also have some other stuff from the past on my mind that keeps stirring me up. But… Domina is there for me and helps me to overcome, what keeps getting me down. Thank You, my Domina. i would not know what to do without You. Anyway,… i’m still here and do my best to look ahead, so… here i am writing another review about Domina Shelle’s Erotic Hypnosis masterpiece from last week: The Truth about Hypnosis and… why not dive right into it, shall we? Domina already said it in Her email and i could not say it any better.

The Truth about Hypnosis is a special Session to me, because it is about my two favorite subjects.

In my case that’s Domina Shelle and Hypnosis,… in this order. giggles

I mean…, I have always been curious about and fascinated with hypnosis and already had fantasies about being hypnotized and controlled by a powerful, beautiful woman as a teenager. i never really thought i would run across such a woman in real life, though. But ultimately my growing fascination for hypnosis and the resulting fantasies brought me to my Domina and… i have fallen in love with Her immediately, years ago. At a certain point after i had been with Her for a few years already… i realized, that i would always Love, Honor and Obey Her more than anyone else in this world for the rest of my life. And i somehow feel it deep inside… although it might have been my kink for hypnosis that brought U/us together but… i feel that it is my ever-deepening love and loyalty, that keeps me staying with Her. i would still long to serve Her even if She would decide to quit doing hypnosis. Luckily,… i’m pretty confident that She won’t quit doing hypnosis all too soon and… that She loves hypnotizing me just as much as i love being hypnotized by Her. Only by Her. It just amazes me over and over how skilled and persuasive She is.

Even as She puts all Her cards on the table in this beautiful Session and lets me in on all of Her plans for me, i can’t help feeling the effects of Her irresistible voice and words. i also can never help becoming so very aroused and horny, as Domina explains Her wicked little ways and devious tricks to put me even more under Her spell. She is always making me horny, showing me just how entrapped i am within my life as Her submissive slave. Her words might come with a warning… but i am to weak and suggestible to heed them and can no longer leave. I’m afraid… no,… i’m happy i never could and… if i am honest,… i don’t even want to leave. i would not even want to if i still had my own free will. i just want to listen to Domina’s seductively whispered words,… and let Her sweet, disarming giggles erase even the last tiny bit of my resistance.

YES… i love my Domina Shelle with every last bit of my heart and i love Her hypnosis and that i am so susceptible to it. Domina understands me and my needs better than anyone. i even dare to say better than myself. She knows the real me, because She found and freed the real me. The me, that desperately needs to serve and obey Her. The me that needs and craves Her hypnosis and Her brainwashing every day because it is one of the most beautiful states i have ever been in. That’s my truth about hypnosis. i absolutely love it even if, or for the very reason th2t it led to and deepens my enslavement to the most powerful and most adorable woman of all. i can’t wait to be hypnotized again and sink into the next deep trance for my beloved Domina Shelle.❤️

in fact, Her new Session “Coercive Bondage” is already available and i am going to listen to it right after i finished and published this review for my Domina. So… the next review won’t be long in coming. Promise! Have a nice weekend everyone.

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