Review: Objectified

Hello my dear readers. Time for another review. As the Title suggests it’s all about… Objectified: Erotic Hypnosis Brainwashing by Shelle Rivers. WOW! What a powerful session. I hope I can come up with a proper review for it because.. I am so puzzled, kinda. To be honest… I am afraid I can not remember much from this session. I have listened to it several times, but I keep waking up with only fragmentary memories from it. I can’t even tell if I just drop off while listening to it, or if and how Domina puts me into sleep although… I know She easily can do so and that it is quite likely. But even though I don’t consciously remember most of the session … a few things got stuck in my helpless little slave brain. I’ll try to describe it to some extent and to review it somehow. Of course, I remember the beginning of the session. I remember Domina’s voice and… the irresistible tone in it. W/we have talked about it quite recently, when She suprised me with a call and we talked for a few minutes…amongst other things about,… how much Her voice has changed if you compare Her new Sessions to the older ones… How Her voice and the way She is able to use it have evolved over time. There is so much more depth and variety in Her voice now compared to then and She is much more skillfully playing with it’s tone and whispers. But of course I also loved Her Sessions back then just as much. After all, it’s the older sessions that made me fall under Her spell and enslaved me to Her for the rest of my life. And although I can’t remember much of it I just love what Her voice does to me in this Session (and of course all of Her other Erotic Hypnosis Sessions). Before I can think about what is happening I feel that strange but pleasant sensation in my brain and… my cock, my heartbeat and breathing slow down and I can hardly keep my eyes open before they ultimately close following Domina’s softly spoken suggestions. Her voice always relaxes me and helps Her to put me into the deepest sleep/trance for Her so easily… There’s something almost magical about it. But… what else do I remember…?

I remember that number… 624. I remember that I have NO free Will of my own any longer,… that She owns me and that I am my Domina’s Property. I remember that Obedience is Pleasure and for some reason I can’t help but to smile. I remember happiness and…I remember glimpses of Her computer…? and…of Her bed… that I would so love to be tied to. I remember that… my function is to serve Her and…I remember Her voice and… that everything She says makes perfect sense to me… my subconscious mind surely even remembers what She said. I remember Her Name Domina Shelle. My beautiful Domina Shelle. All I ever wanted… if I was ever allowed to want anything… is to be perfectly devoted to Her and to serve at Her feet. That’s… where I belong. I love my Domina Shelle’s sexy feet. Oh dear,… even trying to remember the Session has me drift back into this feeling of having no responsibilities… I only have to and… only want to do what I’m told by my Domina. I… lose myself in these thoughts. This Session is a powerful one, just as most of Domina’s Sessions are. I can’t remember everything, but… I’m sure that it is intentionally and I even get turned on by this feeling that comes with the amnesia. I trust that my Domina knows what is best for me and… I have the feeling that my subconscious mind remembers everything it needs to remember. I will not try to get more memories out of this beautiful session any longer but instead, enjoy it’s effects just the way they are supposed to work on me. In the end… listening to Domina’s voice is always pure bliss.

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