Review: Beta Drone

Hi my dear readers. I’m proud to share my thoughts on my Domina’s latest session Beta Drone: Erotic Hypnosis mp3 by Shelle Rivers with You in the very first review on my Blog

Domina Shelle keeps amazing me again and again. I do not always notice it right away but… as soon as She starts speaking with Her seductively soothing, southern voice She captivates my complete attention while everything else becomes less important and insignificant. I just can’t help but to be drawn to and want to listen to Her. Perhaps it doesn’t really depend on what She is talking about, but more on how She uses Her voice and gives the whole session an incomparable, irresistible tone. She is able to start the whole thing as a lesson in which She tells me that… being a Beta Drone is natural to me because I was born this way… and that it might just be in my DNA… that this is also the reason why I am predestined to live a life of submission and servitude to an Alpha that owns my will. And… I do not just mean any Alpha. My Domina Shelle is and will always be the ONLY Queen to me. She manages to talk about a certain topic in such a simple way and through the way She speaks, She is preparing me for the moment that I still don’t see coming… because I am so captivated by Her teaching me what I need to know about myself and the essence of O/our relationship… And from one sentence to the next, the moment is there and She tells me that it is time to relax and sink deep into hypnosis… Almost, as if this is one of Her wickedly sweet traps that I can never resist and love to fall for. I am so conditioned to obey Her voice and to obey without thought and without question that I just close my sleepy eyes for Her. I so love to succumb to this feeling again and again. To do what She wants, when She wants it as Her voice is taking me deeper into hypnosis and Her control, wraps around me. I accept that Everything She says is the absolute truth and that She seems to know more about me than I do myself, as I feel weightlessly carried away in hypnotic bliss. There is no better feeling in the world and even being corrupted and brainwashed by my Domina is extremely pleasurable. I love every minute of this Session and I am so grateful She took me as Hers and gives me the guidance I need to grow into the slave She wants and that I want to be for Her. The relationship with Domina has become so central to my life and just fulfills me with happiness and purpose. I just want to be the best person I can be for Her. I seek to live my life as Her obedient owned property… and this session brings me a lot closer to that again. It is an impressive and wonderful feeling at the same time to realize that Domina is right about everything she says and that she is able to bind me to Her forever in the most pleasurable sexy way in the end. Everything feels better when I do it for my Alpha Queen and I think she even turned this into a trigger to bind me to Her with every repetition. YES – it is and has always been embedded in my nature that I need to serve and… there is nothing wrong with that, because it brought me to my Domina Shelle. Which is the best that ever happened to me. ❤️

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